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Hello, this is kojirom.

The ‘FiaMix’ series of beautiful girl illustration models created using Stable Diffusion has been expanded with the addition of ‘Pastel.’ Moreover, the simultaneous release of ‘v1.0’ and ‘v1.4 Light Color’ brings continuous good news for fans of beautiful girl illustrations.

The image below is a part of a beautiful girl illustration generated with ‘FiaMix Pastel v1.0,’ which I have used as an eye-catching image for this article.

Close-up of a woman's face as rendered by Diffusion's image generation model, FiaMix Reboot Pastel v1.4 Light Color. Both eyes.

When you increase the resolution and zoom in, you can see the immense amount of detail in the uneven pen strokes, the subtle variations in watercolor shades, and the faintness of the paint. This model, which achieves both stability and quality, resembles a painting meticulously crafted by a human over time. It’s astonishing how Stable Diffusion can generate such realistic illustrations in just a few seconds.

Now, let’s immerse ourselves in the fantasy world of the ‘FiaMix Pastel’ series, featuring beautiful girls. You will find a collection of charming works, each with unique characters and poses, and delicate expressions. Please experience for yourself this new world of beauty created by AI.

FiaMix Reboot Pastel

Breakdown of v1.0 and v1.4 Light Color:
(v1.0 = images 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and the featured image)
(v1.4 Light Color = images 3, 4, 7)

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