Birth of the Anime Image Generation Model ‘CTrL Animics’ | Stable Diffusion

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‘CTrL Animics’ is an anime model specialized in battle and action scenes. Its features are as follows:

  • Smooth and soft lines
  • Excellent portrayal of battle and action scenes
  • Attractive character designs
  • Powerful screen composition
  • Contrast that creates a sense of depth

Despite being newly released, it has already gained support from many people. If you’re a fan of battle-oriented beautiful girls, you should definitely try ‘CTrL Animics’.

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CTrL Animics

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アーマスーツを着た、紺色の髪、碧眼の少女が真剣な表情で戦闘態勢に入っている。左にロゴ。「CTrL Animics」、「Author: D3XGEN」。