2.5D Characters Transform into Anime Cute Girls! Tried with PetitCutie | Stable Diffusion

A bust shot of a girl with silver hair and blue eyes, her long twin tails tied with black ribbons. On the left side, the logo reads 'Author: RSTR', 'PetitCutie'.
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I have applied to sell the NSFW illustration collection

Hello, this is kojirom.

After a three-month hiatus, I have completed a new NSFW illustration collection. I was able to apply for its sale on FANZA yesterday.

This collection features a curated selection of my favorite images generated by AI. I’ve meticulously applied mosaics to the extent allowed by FANZA’s regulations, without hiding any private parts with icons or similar methods.

In the past, some of my applications were rejected for being too explicit, but I wonder how it will go this time. I hope it gets approved…

The model I’m introducing this time is PetitCutie. When 2.5D characters are processed through this model, they magically transform into cute anime-style girls! It’s truly an irreplaceable joy.

All illustrations are available for commercial use

  • Please be aware that some illustrations may have unfinished details, such as hands or fingers.
  • Feel free to crop or edit these images as needed.
  • We encourage you to fully express your creativity and use these illustrations with a free and imaginative approach.
  • The illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.